Positions (2013) consists of 6 colour photographic prints. The photographs were shot on 4x5” colour negative and printed in the analogue colour darkroom at VCA in 2013. The photographs were mounted on Diasec and are 935 x 1200mm in size.

The series explores performance, representations of sexuality and the body in a series of six large-format prints depicting pornographic videos projected onto the naked figure of the artist.

Positions  (2013)

Positions (2013)

The hyper-saturation of these prints conveys a similar quality to Sittings (1979), a series of 1970s nude portraits of men and women in garish colours and interior settings by Greece-born American photographer, Lucas Samaras. His works have an unsettling effect upon the viewer. I feel a strange attraction and repulsion to these photographs of Samaras. The artist is literally lurking in the shadows of his work, looking at me as I look at the nude subjects in his photographs. In the series Positions, the figure is abstracted, with both the figure and the space behind the figure being flattened, as if to be collages, screened out and shut off.

Due to the explicit nature of series not all of the photographs are represented here but can be viewed upon request.