In the olden days, when people we getting used to talking in public on a mobile phone, they would tell the person on the other end of the phone where they were. It would drive you mad.

One of these modern toilet blocks was at the end of my street. When the door opened there was a beautiful scene to behold.

Some people take umbrage at artist's who talk about being inspired. Chuck Close said somewhere that artists don't wait for inspiration, they just go to the studio to work, (or something like that). I agree with Chuck. This video however was inspired by a trip I took to Mount Donna Buang and the state of my freezer when I was an undergraduate.

A longer cut of this video was presented at the 2005 Melbourne International Film Festival in the experimental short film program. When I posted it here I edited it down to the bits I liked. The video became very short.

This video was shot on my 2007 mobile phone about my honours supervisor who either turned up late or not at all to numerous meetings. His name is Ted. You might know him and if you do you have waited, (and you don't really need to watch this video).

I was commissioned by the Victorian College of the Arts to make a video for the graduation ceremony in 2008, when I had completed my Honours year. That coach fella really did appeared to me in an MSG inspired dream, although in the dream his did not have a cold sore. Please note that this video contains smoking, a disgusting and danger habit, a view that I share with Yul Brynner. He died of throat cancer caused by smoking.

The video documents the process Jeremy Bakker, Ross Coulter and project coordinator Angela Pye undertook in creating "The Space Between Our Hands."

This walk through of an installation of an artwork titled "The Space Between Our Hands", a project that was undertaken in 2012 by artists Jeremy Bakker and Ross Coulter. More info about the project here:

This video has a password due to the explicit nature of the video. If you would like to view the work, feel free to get in contact via my email:

This is a portrait of Meredith, my girlfriend at the time, and me. The work was shown at Conical in 2009 in a two person exhibition that we put together titled "The Body Electric." The following year we were married. True story.

I made this vox pop for the exhibition of my photographic series "Audience" that was presented at the NGV in 2017. It might help if you look at the photographs

I was involved in the development of Lucy Guerin’s excellent contemporary dance piece Untrained with these excellent dancer, Antony Hamilton and Byron Perry, alongside my friend Simon Obarzanek. As you will note from the video, the piece required that I dance and I did so in a contemporary manner..