Audience (2013-2016)

While looking at photographic documentation of 1970s Australian performance art, I became intrigued by the background information in the pictures: the gallery spaces and the subsequent audience, gathered to experience and bare witness to the live art event. From there I thought it would be interesting to take photographs of an audience gathered in an empty gallery, in which there was no art, watching a performance that doesn’t exist in as many galleries as possible in and around Melbourne. The series intended to switch the subject from the performer to the audience member, creating an incomplete archive of over 90 galleries and 850 members of the Melbourne arts community. Four hundred and forty five 8x10’ silver gelatin photographs from the series were exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2017.

A full archive of the Audience series can be seen on Instagram here.

The two volume book can be purchased from here.

Links to NGV exhibition text here.

I collaborated with Trent Walter from Negative Press to commissioned Adam Cruickshank to make a poster, here.