10,000 Paper Planes


10,000 Paper Planes, Aftermath #1 2011.

Through the fellowship of the George Mora Foundation and in conjunction with the State Library of Victoria, Ross undertook a multi-camera video and still photographic performance that involved the release of 10,000 paper planes into the Domed Reading Room of the State Library of Victoria. On the 14th of March 2011, 165 people launched 10,000 paper planes in a choreographed event that was recorded by 9 video cameras.

10,000 Paper Planes, Aftermath #2, 2011.

The Domed Reading Room is a place of reflective contemplation. It is also a space for action in the form of reading, writing and thinking. His experience as a patron and former library staff member had caused him to reflect on the space and the thoughts that might occupy the reading room. This thinking coalesced into the idea for the project. The flight paths of the paper planes into the Domed Reading Room could be seen as the movement of information through space and time. The video was a visual represent thought patterns that may have occurred in the Domed Reading Room. The space of the Domed Reading Room itself echoes the shape of a cranium.

10,000 Paper Planes, Aftermath #3 2011.

This project is concerned with using the physical presence of the collection and the space of the State Library itself. The fellowship and subsequent video artworks and photographs explore the interplay between the architectural structure and the space that it inhabits. The artwork sought brings a visual articulation to the notion that a rebellious act can also be one of beauty and poetry.